Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We are Democrazy!!! Lets demo!! ALLAHUAKBAR!!!

Assalamualaykum w.b.t.,

Now who says Demonstration is useless, not professional, and so forth? In your eyes... maybe. In the eyes of Allah? Think longer and make reference deeper!!!


Anonymous said...

proud to tell here that we did run a demo once in our college (IPPM) and all i cn say, it worked.

gurls here started to be more aware, putting effort on boycotting those particular products. aint it good to hear?..


alhamdulillah ;)

faidhi said...

Barakallahu fikunna..

What a relief.

The effort is excellent. However what efforts that follow are even more important.

Look how many palestinians must die before we act. Thus, lets continue boycotting all israelis products as well as the US products.

Keep praying for their peace n victory!

majin said...

idi xpo ko jin nak kecek melayu blog ni???hehe..em ado pic aku 2..hehedown2 israel!!!